GM LS Alternator Only Bracket and Fixed Idler System

GM LS1 LQ4 LS truck motors Billet “Alternator Only” Bracket and Fixed Idler system, CNC Machined in the USA from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.

Billet Speed is proud to introduce our Alternator Only bracket and idler system, with a different idler block and lower location than the standard setup to clear the 4th gen Camaro/F-body strut towers! This bracket is CNC machined from quality 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and features a brushed finish.

This bracket allows you to mount your alternator on the driver’s side of the motor, on top instead of down low like factory, and gives you the choice of using the 105 amp or running the cheaper, more powerful 145 amp truck alternator! This setup allows for forward facing truck manifolds and turbo headers, with ample room.

Our bracket places the alternator lower and well below an LS1 style intake — lower than any other bracket available!

This setup includes the idler pulley while retaining the factory active tensioner — it is a truly bolt-on setup!

If you are using the truck harmonic balancer, we provide ¾” spacers for the idler and alternator…no spacing the water pump with our kit! This is an excellent choice for people swapping out the LS1 engine for a truck motor, who do not want to go through the task of changing balancers.

You will need a 66″ long belt. (660K6)

Price: $109 + shipping
Select your balancer/ accessory drive type from the menu.

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